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Heart On Fire Icon from Delicious Love Icons
Heart On Fire Icon. Delicious Love Icons
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Delicious Love Icons
Heart On Fire Icon
Heart On Fire Icon
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- You always to all find a logical explanation. In it all you. But I am glad that Marlena has addressed to you. It it does not deserve.
- Yes. About it only and conversations. For me it does not become the big loss. I always suspected that it not so treats kindly Marlene.
- But after all sometimes the same it is possible to tell in about you. For Rene to depart favourably in every respect. After she has understood that in a plague of Eritro to the physician it nothing to study, it in effect has lost work. On the contrary, on the Earth Rene will be the unique expert but to modern methods of scanning of a brain, and it is waited by the big success.
- Well. The better for weight.
- But Vu will come back. Shining the scientist. The correct decision of a problem of rescue of the Earth has been found in its memory. You know, I am assured that when it will return to work on effect of gravitational pushing away, he will want to remain on Eritro. The organism of Eritro involves it in the same way, as well as Marlenu. But it is even more surprising that Eritro, seems to me, involves also Leveretta.
- I can not understand, Ziver, what system adheres to Eritro?
- You wish to tell, why it involves Vu and Leveretta, instead of Krajla and me?
- Yes. You see it is easy to notice that to Vu Krajla is much more talented, but, Ziver, after all it is impossible even to compare Leveretta to you! And I would not like to lose you.
- Thanks. It seems to me that the organism of Eritro has the criteria.
It is more than that, I even have an assumption, what it for criterion, - Really?
- What?
- Imagine, Judzhinija that you - a thread. As though you felt, if have casually and absolutely unexpectedly learnt about cord existence? Imagine that you - a circle. What would you feel, if have suddenly faced perfect sphere? Till now Eritro knew only one reason - own. Its brain is unimaginably huge, but is very prosy, because is constructed of billions billions the cages which have been very poorly connected with one another. And here Eritro meets the person, - continued Genarr. - Our brain is constructed of rather small number of cages, but all of them are closely interconnected; the number of these communications is improbably great, their network is extremely difficult. A cord instead of a thread. Sphere instead of a circle. Should be, Eritro has been captivated by beauty of this most complicated picture. Should be, for Eritro the consciousness of Marleny has appeared the finest, therefore it and has involved it. Imagine that possibility to acquire Rembrandt or Van Gogh's original was presented to you. Unless you would refuse? Therefore Eritro so furiously protects Marlenu. And unless you would not protect a great work of art? And nevertheless it has subjected to its risk for the sake of rescue of all mankind. It was severe test for Marleny, but the organism of Eritro and in this case has shown nobleness. Anyway, here such I imagine an organism of Eritro - the judge of art, the collector of fine samples of consciousness.
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