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A friend of mine asked for my help with a place to live, because she has children I asked my mom who lives in a ¡°coach-house¡± behind me (same address same property) if she could stay there for a little while. With a verbal agreement of 90 days my mother agreed to this. Well since then there have been some things that have transpired (she was asked not to have cable installed because our landlord didn¡¯t want hole in the walls, while we where out one day, she had cable installed, and that¡¯s just one incident) Well the 90 days has gone by and she has several pieces of mail coming to the house with her name, I began keeping the mail because I was advised that she knew the law of established residency and played on my kindness, I would like to know what rights we have at this point, we are all on the same property and see each other everyday, the hostility is growing. I don¡¯t understand why a person thinks that they have entitlement to someones home, and to make matter worse, or landlord does not know we are having this problem. any advice is appreciated.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                


ray ban sunglasses outlet

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