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No, seriously. All I can say is


Truth of the truth, of what is, is, in the existance that exists, of the being that is being at the time that is at the time, when the blah, blah that is blah, blah...

We define truth as "the state of being the case". There is only one level of truth.... reality. Truth is not a chain. There is no first truth or last truth.

There are those that are convinced in a supreme-being, that grope about looking for justification, and find in their imagination this made-up concept of "The Truth" which they call the God which they were brainwashed to believe in.

Go watch a hypnosis demonstration some time. People, once convinced of an idea through brainwashing, will go to any silly stretch of justification to prop up the silly belief. This is how theists appear to non-theists when they begin speaking of "truths of truth", "chains of truths", "first and last truths".....

He, he, he.... ha, ha, ha... Look at the poor soul groping in the dark, clinging to what is not there, in hopes of finding what they are afraid to lose.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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