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>The theist :
>(1) God is causa sui (his own cause). He has the reason for his being in himself.
>The atheist :
>(2) The Universe is causa sui. The Universe has the reason for its being within itself.
>Both (1) and (2) state the same problem of inteligibility: conceiving something which is causa sui. The difference is that (1) is a retrograde step in regard to (2), thus being less obvious, because we cannot empiricaly know God. But, the comprehensibility scheme is the same.
>Why , in the opinion of the theists, is (1) more reasonable than (2) ?
>As I see it (1) is by no means a claim which makes the Universe more inteligible and resolving the common sense difficulty encountered in (2).
>But it just violates Ockam's razor by postulating a redundant hypothesis while keeping the comprehensibility problem it tried to solve.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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