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>La verdad de cada ser hace que, en virtud de una razón suficiente, éste sea más bien que no sea.

because you are alive, you are not dead. because your an individual, you must reason for yourself, ie; no one can think your thoughts for you.

>En una sucesión infinita de verdades eternas (pues la naturaleza de la verdad como no contradicción es inmutable), la Verdad última, que al mismo tiempo es la primera, garantiza la coherencia entre todas ellas.

a belief here; because truth is circular? and therefore infinitely remains constant that truth always remains consistent with past truths, and future ones.

last truth (ie present) = first truth (ie infinite rewind) = future truth (ie infinite fast forward)

>Si hubiera infinitas verdades y, sin embargo, careciéramos de Verdad última, no podríamos afirmar que “la verdad es la verdad”, ya que si bien cada verdad remite a las demás, ninguna que no esté por encima de todas ellas es capaz de englobarlas al mismo nivel.

a belief here; we cant know the truth and shouldnt be able to say we do? unless we know the 'the truth of the truth', whatever this is? plus something about all truth connected ultimately to one single truth? or something.

::. i dont think anyone wants to know everything, seriously? i could posit something that pretty much makes everything tick, but doesnt regard itself as a self but that which makes our reality possible, but that would be way OT.::

>Cualquier verdad que se afirme presupone, entonces, esta verdad de fondo: "la verdad es la verdad". Y eso, lejos de ser una tautología, nos indica que la Verdad puede existir por sí misma, esto es, sin referente real o ideal.

i had to look up tautology :: i found it defined as : needless repetition of an idea, statement, or word : an instance of tautology : a tautologous statement :o))) ( thats really ironic to me? how about that )

so the conclusion i gathered from this - drum roll please

so anything you say is the truth presupposes 'this truth of all truth' which exist irregardless.

.:: so answer this then - what would , i ate chicken for lunch today, have to do with the 'truth of all truth' - do i need to know this? to eat chicken?

now that i think about this, the entire post seemed like a lesson in tautology. i dont care for tautology. what i look forward to is when people can realize that ' all of everything they seek ' is mostly a profound misunderstanding of simplicity, or a lack of interest in it?

of course i could be 'WAY OFF' but i said something i wanted to say, and maybe i got close to something.

best regards


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