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Mensaje - Barber could be a good fit, or even McGahee if he was interested in going back to Miami (college). TE like Zach Miller would be great, depending on the $$$. If you get a TE like that, WR is ok as is. Need a secondary receiver (TE or WR) ahead of Bess. James Jones is a good option at WR if they don get a TE. - Gonzalez joined Atlanta Jason Heyward and Pittsburgh Andrew McCutchen in the National League outfield. No other Rockies player was nominated this year. Troy Tulowitzki twoyear run at shortstop ended because he missed four months due to a left groin injury that ultimately required surgery. Jimmy Rollins won in the National League. - Didn expect him to be out here at all, Sparano said. he just did 10 minutes worth today, but it was good to get him out here to do the 10 minutes worth. Maybe he gets a little bit more here as we go on, but he ahead of the curve that way. who said he is sticking with the No. 19 jersey for this season, said he isn concerned about getting on the same page as Henne and the rest of his teammates. - I strongly support item3 which states that WASTE PAPER IS STILL VITAL. It is about time that we show how much we care about the environment and the unconscious wastage of paper products. While others do their part by having their used papers disposed with the help of a shredding San Antonio as an example, others just simply dump their trash without even considering to reuse or recycle some of their items. If we do not act now, future generations may not be able to experience our natural resources the way we do now. - (Whatever happened to that Elway guy, anyway?) Comments (2)My latest effort from the Broncos coverage bullpen fourseam fastball, changeup and slider will be a story about Brock Osweiler in the morning. He going to start and play much of the fourth exhibition game Thursday against the Arizona Cardinals, and we talked about that and the progress he felt he has made since joining the Broncos as a secondround draft choice last season. (UPDATE: Here the story link.) - But he is a quality young quarterback and the class of 2006. Rather have Vince Young or Matt Leinart now? And Cassel is a sand castle in comparison.Cutler shouldn't be traded. When somebody calls about Jay, Kid Mac or the XMan should hang up.And the face of your franchise should not be treated like ground beef. - Surveillance video released by the FBI on Wednesday shows Alexis pulling his rental car into a garage, walking into the building with a bag and then skulking down a corridor with a shotgun, ducking and crouching around a corner and walking briskly down a flight of stairs. The video does not show him actually shooting anyone. - Pitcher Roy Oswalt worked 5 2/3 scoreless innings for shortseason Grand Junction in his first game since pulling his left hamstring July 7 against the Diamondbacks. Oswalt hopes to pitch Sunday for the Rockies, which would be in rookie Chad Bettis spot. The Rockies have not made a decision on when Oswalt will throw, but Weiss said he would get another chance to start if healthy. - For less than $50: Work the winecolored trend into your wardrobe with simple, classic pieces you'll wear over and over again. A tissue Tshirt pairs well with just about anything. A merlothued scarf adds pop to everything from an allblack outfit to a Tshirt and jeans. And a full midi skirt in a berry shade looks stylish paired with a simple striped Tshirt. - Kunitz doesn get nearly the credit he deserves. It hard to believe now that he was considered the second addition in the 2009 trade that also brought winger Eric Tangradi to the Penguins from Anaheim for defenseman Ryan Whitney. Tangradi did little here and was traded to Winnipeg Feb. 13 for a seventhround draft choice.


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