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iPhone,Handheld: I am developing an iPhone app for mapping natural disasters in South Pacific. I am looking for stylish graphic icons to represent events in the region Earthquake Tsunami Storms (lightning) Cyclones Volcanoes Flooding Fire and any others you think mig
iPhone/Handheld :: Graphics - 3d Natural Disaster Icons
MisterSoft :: Graphics - 3d Natural Disaster Icons :: iPhone, Handheld
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Graphics - 3d Natural Disaster Icons
Required knowledge: iPhone App, iPhone, Graphics, Handheld, Mobile
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I am developing an iPhone app for mapping natural disasters in South Pacific.
I am looking for stylish graphic icons to represent events in the region
Storms (lightning)
and any others you think might be useful
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Graphics - 3d Natural Disaster Icons ( 3
outh Pacific. I am looking for stylish graphic icons to represent events in the region Earthquake Tsunami Storms (lightning) Cyclones Volcanoes Flooding Fire and any others you think might be usefulAdditional Info (Added 10/25/2010 at 3:02 EST)...System Message: This is a reposting of project Graphics - 3d Natural disaster icons (2) (1285566353).
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one;color:#68778E" onmouseover="this.style.textDecoration='underline'" onmouseout="this.style.textDecoration='none'"We will also need a 10 seconds intro animation when launching the app. If you do not have 3D / motion graphics capabilities it's ok, we can do the 3D parts and pass to you. Pls revert with screenshots of your graphic work for iPhone only.
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included. Standard App features are required, eg- iAd, in-App purchases. Able to communicate in proper English and report progress periodically. We will send 100% payment to escrow before project start and full payment will be released to you within 48hours once the app is approved on Apple,s App store (submitted by yourself). Successful bidder may become a potential programmer for long term partnership on many other apps. Thanks
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sai_subjects/images/atmosphere-nasa.gov.jpg The result will be similar to this: civicmaps.org/spinnyglobe/flash/bin/spinnyglobe.html I look forward to your bid. Thank you, Michael
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ts are about as complicated as this app gets. We can provide the graphics used in our IB files each in individual png files or assemble into an XML file if needed or any way you wish to handle it. We're currently in the midst of upgrading to a Universal app, so the web version will be based on the iPad version of the app. We'll give out promo codes for the current version of the app to qualified applicants who we think may be a good fit for our company.
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tp://mobile-spy.com" target="extlink" rel="nofollow" style="text-decoration: none;color:#68778E" onmouseover="this.style.textDecoration='underline'" onmouseout="this.style.textDecoration='none'"Please specify with your bid the exact feature set that you can include. Bid must include a nice looking design for the web service. The budget for this project is $ 800. Full escrow and confidentiality required after selecting developer.
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r twitter account --update your fb status from your account --blog feeds --live streaming link --allows people to blog to their blogs with upload photo, text. --post video to youtube, todou, vimeo, kyte, etc --photo galleries --video feed from youtube --allows user to aggregate their favorite blog feeds --fashion search via google --reblog it, digg it, facebook it, tweet it, talk about it etc --link to our mobile mags gallery
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able to offer fast and effective solutions should there be any issues with the development process. This will be a complex application so we will need to be sure that communication is paramount between ourselves and the development team. Once we have some further information from your company regarding our project we will consider providing the full brief for this project so you can provide us with a comprehensive quote for the work which we will be able to consider.
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ation/gps) to this you have developed. You must have high ratings and reviews. Again, you must show samples of your apps live on app store. Please note, your bid must not be just a very low "place holder bid". This means that if you bid on the project at a particular cost then that is the cost you will honor and not a penny more. You should be able to bid very accurately considering that we are giving you very clear guidelines with a sample app to be cloned.
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le.textDecoration='underline'" onmouseout="this.style.textDecoration='none'"you can visit their website at: cooliris.com/mobile/iphone/
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mbol or small image on to show as "new" on the new info that was downloaded. Also, I want to keep the images for the rows that download from the server in the app, so they don't have to reload them each time. Same for the "html" paged downloaded from server, I want them held in the app so not to have to re-download them every time. These html pages can be emailed out, I need to add some text into this standard email. That is it, pretty simple
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br3. Add the ability for the user to change map types, street view, arial view, etc.
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ven, soundtrack will play with funny animated character dancing on the screen (we will provide this character). If incorrect answer, a different animated character will show and the user will return to the last checkpoint (every 7th question). If no question is given, then return to last checkpoint without any character or music playing. Answer D forwards to next question and character on the screen but no points. Player should have the option to skip a soundtrack/song
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after the app is approved by App Store. Note: 1. For serious bidders only 2. You should have 5 or more apps selling on App Store 3. Long-term partnership is important. Do not bid if you're not interested in long-term partnership. A few more iPhone projects are to start soon. Winner will have the best chance to win the projects. Long term partnership is important for my future apps. Do not bid if you are not interested. Thanks.
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(then later in Android). This app will allow users to add text content, that is shared when users of this app are within 10 miles or by country or within a state/province? If you have experience in iphone app development, quickly & with reviews you will be selected. I'm not sure if you have better ideas on how to make this a quick loading and proper iPhone App. Please PM me any questions and your examples also if you have any ideas to make this better.
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mail version and the sms version and has the option to make a choice of which version they want to send. Keep in mind that the eamil version is much longer than the sms version. We will send all the files we have, which is everything our developer sent us. Because we also have additional projects, we wish to work with developers that have iphone app experience as well as demos or an extensive portfolio available. Apps already in the store will be a big plus!
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"- I want to know what links of where you can find it including press releases, search engines, websites, networks, and more. - who/what are giving this iPhone app such good ratings. 99% of written reviews are 1/5 stars but the app has an overall average of 4/5 stars. - can you tell if the app is promoted by bots or human and how. All and any information appreciated.
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2 iphone app needs to be compiled into the format so that I can upload it to the apple store.
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Page 4 : Display search results with 'More' link on each result Page 5 : From 'More' link, display relevent profile data from database. With 'Enquire' button to request information. 'Back' button to listings (Page 4), 'New Search' to page 2 Enquire function : Send enquiry information & user information to me and profile email address (extracted from database) Return to Page 4 Please only bid if you have iphone development Thanks
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