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she was 99% sure she was a girl. Terrified. We painted the nrusery lime green, and vowed not to buy obnoxiously pink and purple clothes or princess garbage for her. We've relaxed a bit and just go with the flow now, and while she's currently in a dress-obsessed phase we feel she's pretty balanced. She enjoys painting her nails with grandma (I haven't painted my own in 5+ years), but is also surprisingly athletic; she loves art projects, blocks, and cars alike. We are very pleasantly surprised by what life is like with 2 daughters. Oh, and the reusing of clothes if you get two of the same gender is totally overrated. Did you know that no matter how clean you think an item is, if you put it away for a few years it is almost guaranteed to have brown stains all over it when you pull it out again? Ok, exaggerating a it. But I had no idea that traces of breastmilk hiding in the fibers of clothes would darken over time. It was fun reusing a few pieces that escaped that fate, but many were too stained, surprisingly out of style, or the wrong season (we had November and May babies.) Enjoy buying new things for your new baby, and picking out a few of your favorites from Miles' collection to save. I'm slightly mourning the fact that we're done having kids, but I recently gave away all of our baby stuff (after saving a few favorites) and it actually felt really good. Kind of symbolic of one phase ending, and celebrating the fun things that lay ahead.Thanks for sharing your news! I'm really happy for you June 28, 2011 8:07 pm                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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